Welcome to Reverse Trading With SynthX.

What is Reverse Trading?

Reverse Trading.

Reverse trading enables all types of investors to speculate on and profit from downward price movements in an underlying asset.

Amber Synthetics.

Rather than requiring investors to hold the underlying asset, SynthX create synthetic variants of each asset.

SynthX Token.

SynthX token is the acquisition and market medium for all trades. SynthX token retains a constant value of $1. 

Trading Process.

1. Acquire SynthX Token

SynthX token can be acquired in fiat or via cryptocurrency swap directly on our exchange.

2. Build Your Portfolio

Swap SynthX token for any fractional amount of a synthetic asset on our exchange.

3. Cash Out

When the underlying asset price decreases, the SynthX Synthetic Asset price increases, delivering gains for investors. Cashing out is easy, simply swap the synthetic asset holding value for SynthX token and then swap that for crypto or fiat.

Our Asset Classes


We offer reverse trading on all stocks listed on the following exchanges: 



LSE (FTSE Main and AIM)



Japan Exchange Group 

NASDAQ Nordic and Baltic 

Toronto Stock Exchange 

Korea Exchange 

Australia Securities Exchange

Fixed Income Assets

Government Bonds 

Municipal Bonds 

Corporate Bonds 

Asset Backed Securities 

Derivatives: Credit Default Swaps, Interest Rate Swaps, Inflation Swaps, Bond Futures, Interest Rate Futures & Forward Rate Agreements.


The top 100 traded currencies by volume


The top 150 cyrptocurrencies by market cap



Fossil Fuels

Livestock and Meat 



Over 2,000 ETF's covering alternatives, bond, commodity, currency, equity, multi-asset, preferred stock, real estate and volatility.


197 indexes


Fundamental to SynthX exchange are the underlying oracle's that contribute to token price movements. 


All Oracle's are derived from multiple public sources with our pricing engine delivering average price rebases every 3 seconds. 


The average price rebase is a process whereby the average movements in the underlying asset, expressed as a percentage, are applied to the trading price of the synthetic asset on the SynthX exchange.


The synthetic asset price will differ from the actual asset price due to differing demand factors on SynthX as opposed the traditional exchange hosting the asset.


Trading Fees

Taker and Maker fees are calculated based on the status of an individual trader within the SynthX platform. Entry level rates for both taker and maker start at 0.12%. 


WIthdrawal fees are based on the value and methodology of withdrawal with variances for cryptocurrency withdrawal (0.082%) and fiat (0.11%). 


There are no deposit fees for cryptocurrency or fiat transfers, credit card deposits incur a fee of 1.4% at the point of acquisition. 


Maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are determined by the trader status, ranging from $15,000 to uncapped.


SynthX retain all consumer deposits in the original deposit format. 


This protocol enables us to provide extremely liquid markets across multiple swap options whilst also keeping sufficient cash reserves to handle any volume of withdrawals. 


SynthX also work with 3 tier 1 market makers who provide sufficient liquidity to leave SynthX over capitalised on all swap options.

SynthX Stablecoin

The SynthX stablecoin uses an elastic supply policy powered by algorithms to deliver a stablecoin that cannot be broken by natural forces.

The SynthX stablecoin algorithim automatically and proportionately increases the volume of SynthX tokens in a users wallet when the price goes above $1 and reduces the volume of SynthX tokens in a users wallet when the price goes below $1. 

Rebases occur automatically at 3AM UTC everyday by updating a global scalar coefficient of expansion. 

Rebases only occur if the price of SynthX has deviated from the target supply by >5%.

Rebases are smoothed by a sigmoid curve that caps supply changes at its asymptotes. It has shaping parameters that determine: lower asymptote, upper asymptote, and the steepness of the curve (ie: growth rate). These parameters are currently set to -0.1, 0.1, and 3 respectively. 

SynthX supply changes are proportional and non-dilutive. If a user owns X% of the supply before a rebase, the user will always own X% of the network unless the user buys or sells more SynthX.

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