SynthX Offers

$2M Dollar Giveaway

To celebrate our public launch in January 2023 the SynthX token will be available to acquire at a rate of $0.80. 

The SynthX token is an algorithimcally controlled stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the USD. 

All transactions for this giveaway are made OTC and purchasers can use either BTC, ETH or USDT to buy. 

To take part please use the form below 

This offer is capped at $2M ($10M Gross). 

In addition, if you refer a friend who subsequently takes part in the $2M giveaway we will pay you 5% of their purchase in additional SynthX token. 

Note, the $2M differential will be funded by SynthX and will not be subject to rebasing. 

SynthX token will be airdropped to wallets on or around January 3rd 2023.

Business Referral

Refer a business to us that is subsequently approved for & conducts a listing and we will pay you $1,500 in SynthX token. 

To obtain a referral code simply email use the table below.

Trader Bonus

If you trade over $1,000 on SynthX in December 2022 or January 2023 (excluding acquisition of SynthX token and ICO's) we will give you 10% of your net spend back in SynthX token. 


This will be automatically credited to you balance on our exchange.

Refer a Trader

Refer a trader to SynthX and earn 5% of their net spend in SynthX throughout December 2022- February 2023. 


To obtain a referral code simply use the form below and ask you referral to enter it when they sign up to our exchange.

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